Bring Your Hotel With You On Holiday With a VW Campervan

A long, affordable holiday could not be easier when you own your own VW camper van. Find a VW campervan for sale at the most affordable prices when you shop on eBay.

Are these VW campers for sale new?

Most of these VW camper vans for sale are previously owned, however, you can find ones manufactured as recently as 2015. Most listings include full service reports to give you an idea of how well the camper was maintained. There is information on any repairs or replacements that have been made such as filters and tyres. You can also determine how many prior owners it had as well as MOT expiry. Mileage varies greatly amongst these used VW camper vans for sale in the UK, but you can find many with less than 100,000 miles.

Features of VW campervans for sale in the UK

Most of the VW campervans for sale have two or four berths. They have a loo and a cooking area with a fridge and freezer. Gas connecters, water pumps, 12V lighting, and 240V hook-ups with sockets are common to most of these campers. You can find features like tinted windows, window blinds, climate control, and additional storage compartments both inside and outside the camper. Some have had convenient features installed like rear-view cameras, stereos with Bluetooth capabilities, and DVD players. A few other features you can find on the VW campers include:

  • Pop-up sleeping quarters
  • Expandable room extensions
  • Extendible awning
  • Bed extensions
  • Non-slip flooring
Do these VW campers run on diesel?

Yes, these VW camper vans for sale in the UK have diesel engines. They are mostly manual transmission, which can be handy when travelling in hilly or mountainous areas.

Choosing the right VW campervan

Since these vehicles are made for travel, you will find that many of them have high mileage. However, they also have been rigorously maintained so that they are in excellent running order. If you plan to use your VW camper van often, look for one with impeccable service and maintenance records. This will ensure you have a vehicle that has been looked after properly. Another consideration to make is to figure out what optional features you prefer. If you like to travel and unplug from everyday life, you may not need features like Bluetooth or DVD players. Finally, you will need to make sure you can sleep everyone in your family or party by choosing the right size VW camper van.