Cruise Old-School Style With a Volkswagen Corrado

With less than 100,000 VW Corrados manufactured from 1988 thru 1995, purchasing your own will ensure you have an original and rare vehicle. Find your VW Corrado for sale at the most affordable prices on eBay.

Is the VW Corrado for sale in working order?

Yes, you can find many of these unique vehicles in optimal working condition. On the other hand, you can also find VW Corrados that may need some TLC or might not run at all. This gives you the option of choosing a project car to fix up or a dependable vehicle you can drive immediately. Most listings will include information on MOT expiry, number of prior owners, and service history. This can help you determine if the car was kept properly and give you an idea of how it should run for you.

Types of Corrado cars for sale

Designed as a sport compact coupe, the VW Corrado is front-wheel drive and runs on regular petrol. You can find them with five-speed manual transmissions or four-speed automatic transmissions. They have three doors, including the hatch, and seat up to four passengers. A few of the different models available for sale include:

  • VW Corrado VR6
  • VW Corrado 1.8L Supercharged I4
  • VW Corrado 2.0L I4
  • VW Corrado 2.9L VR6
Features of the VW Corrado

You can find safety features like seat belts in front and back, all around airbags, anti-lock brakes, electronic stability programme, and immobilisers common to most VW Corrados for sale. Standard interior conveniences include climate control, central locking, AM/FM radio with cassette or CD player, and air conditioning. Some models have been updated to include options like Bluetooth and music streaming capabilities and anti-theft alarm systems. You can also find some Corrados with exterior upgrades like rear spoilers and alloy wheels.

Choosing the Right VW Corrado

Choosing the right vehicle is always dependant on your intended use, budget, and your desires. If you are a Volkswagen aficionado and you enjoy working on cars, you might look for an older model that needs some work. On the other hand, if you are looking for a solid working vehicle for your daily commute or for a new driver, you will probably want to look for a newer model with fewer miles. eBay lets you shop and compare features of different vehicles side by side in the comfort of your home, rather than having to travel to multiple dealerships in person.