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Durable Repairs With Volkswagen Golf Wings and Quarter Panels

The panels give a vehicle its shape, which is why the smallest damage affects the appearance. You can replace individual panels like the front wing or quarter panel in case of extensive damage. Find a Volkswagen Golf wing or rear panel on eBay and give your vehicle a facelift.

Volkswagen Golf front wing vs quarter panel

The use of fender and quarter panel interchangeably can make it confusing when getting a replacement VW Golf MK4 wing. Understand that these two parts are different and, therefore, you should know which one goes where. The quarter panel, or rear wing, covers the rearmost door of your VW Golf. It stretches to the boot of the car and might include the wheels. The front wing or fender is the panel covering the area in front of the front door and might also extend to the wheels.

In what materials are VW Golf wings available?

Aftermarket body panels for Volkswagen Golf come in a variety of materials, and you can choose what works best. Note that the material will dictate the finishing you can apply on the replacement panel. Common options include:

  • Steel: The material is strong and costs less than other alternatives like aluminium. It holds up well against corrosion as well.
  • Galvanised zinc: VW panels made from galvanised zinc are highly resistant to rusting and corrosion.
  • Carbon fibre: Extremely lightweight and strong, carbon fibre improves the performance of a vehicle. It is common for Golf front wings.
Can you find a Golf wing that is compatible with multiple models?

Yes. A few front and rear wings are interchangeable. Typically, a body panel for a specific model of VW Golf will fit the different year models. For example, a VW Golf MK5 front wing can work with MK5 models from 2003 to 2009. You can also find universal wings and quarter panels that suit multiple VW Golf models. When buying universal panels, measure the width and length of the vehicle to get the right specifications.

Common damage in VW Golf panels

Dents are some of the most frequent damages to appear on body panels. Rear-end collisions are some of the common causes of dents and scratches on rear wings. The front and rear wings of your VW Golf are exposed to various elements such as moisture, salt, and sunlight that can cause damage. Corrosion and rust are the usual repercussions of exposure. The extent of the damage will determine if a replacement VW Golf MK4 wing is necessary.