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Go eco-friendly with Volvo car engines

Since 1927, Volvos main goal when designing car engines and engine parts is that they are compact, efficient and environmentally friendly. Going petrol, diesel or hybrid is an option with a complete Volvo car engine, whilst still maintaining sufficient power for any road. 

Inner Tech

A majority of Volvo cars run off the Internal Combustion Engine, including the 2015 Drive-E solution, which despite having 4-cylinders to increase efficiency, no performance is sacrificed. 

Petrol engines each have a fuel injection, with the ability to go up to 6000rpm. Diesel engines, typically 1969cc, are 5-cylinder, as opposed to the 4-cylinder petrol engines. Despite the lower number of cylinders in the engine, most four and above cylinder engines can have enough power to match 8-cylinder engines. 

Environmentally Friendly

Volvos Drive-E range are extremely powerful 4-cylinder engines. Despite their power and efficiency, they do not damage the environment as much as previous engines. Volvo believes in being environmentally friendly but still keeping stronger, smoother cars, capable of what less eco-friendly cars can achieve. 

Since the Drive-E range of engines is so kind to the environment, ownership costs are drastically reduced, making the 2015 introduction of Drive-E an excellent economical option. 

Diesel complete car engines are just as eco-friendly, with a Catalytic Converter and particle filter, CO2 emissions are minimised with no efficiency and performance costs. Hybrid car engines with electric propulsion and AWD capabilities were introduced in 2014, with extremely small environmental and performance sacrifices that would suit you perfectly if youre main concern is environmental impact. 

If you dont want to get an entirely hybrid complete car engine but still want a less environmentally taxing complete engine for your car, the newer gas-turbine hybrid is the perfect solution. This car runs on batteries alone for 90 miles, and combined with a full tank of fuel for the turbine, it can go a further 325 miles.