Enhance your Kitchen with Wade Pottery

To enhance your kitchen with functional, yet beautiful pieces, use Wade ceramics. Dinnerware and other pottery from eBay will make every meal a great experience, and various pieces are available which capture the imagination of parents and children.

Are Heath ware dishes handcrafted?

Yes. These classy dishes are handcrafted, and the food-grade ceramics on eBay come in a wide range of colours, to match your kitchen, dining room, or existing utensils. The shapes vary, and you can select three-piece basic sets or five-piece full sets with a light glaze that adds a translucent quality to each item.

Can you find Wade Heath marks on their genuine pottery?

Yes. People who are investing often check for Wade Heath marks to date the pottery, and popular marks to look for include the stag and the trademark owl. There are classic selections, which represent life in previous eras, and use styles that gained renown for the potters. Wade ceramics from the 1950s sell for hundreds of dollars, and these bear their mark. These can be used as conversation starters, or to bring a classic touch to a contemporary home.

While many people buy older Wade ceramics in order to invest for financial gain, others have aesthetics as a higher priority. Before you select a figurine, consider the dimensions of the space where it will be exhibited. A small ceramic piece will look lost in a large space, especially in a busy commercial building. Large ceramics keep the viewer's attention. Figurines add significant aesthetic value to your space, and if you are considering ceramics as an investment, carefully consider its condition and age.

Display your style with Wade pottery

While dinnerware is available in plastic, glass, and metal, ceramic options have an appealing finish that adds a touch of class to every meal. Wade dinnerware can be used in your microwave, and plates are dishwasher safe. While selecting dinnerware, consider:

  • The number of people who may dine with you, including guests who habitually come over.
  • Colours like translucent blue, which have a relaxing effect at mealtimes.
  • Ceramic teapots are an environmentally-friendly option because they keep tea hot for longer than other materials.
Enhance your kitchen with a Wade Heath pottery jug

If you want to enhance your kitchen with art, consider using a Wade Heath pottery jug from eBay. Jugs may have matching teapots and feature colours, such as red and gold. Teapots and jugs are large enough to hold from 1.5 to two pints, so they will definitely attract attention when guests arrive.