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Walkie Talkies and PMR446 Radios

Walkie-talkies and PMR446 radios are perfect for communicating across distances for work-related needs, or simply for children to have fun. PMR stands for Personal Mobile Radio, which can be used in most European countries without licencing for business or personal use. They can come with rechargeable or replaceable batteries for everyday practice.

Walkie-talkies and RMR446 radios come in a variety of ranges, styles, and suitability for different uses from brands such as Binatone, Motorola and Retevis.

Types of Walkie Talkies and PRM446 Radios

Some walkie talkies are perfect for children to have fun and communicate with one another. They often come in fun styles and colours with ranges around 800 metres. There are some children's walkie-talkies that are in the format of a watch around the wrist which is perfect for games of hide and seek.

Walkie talkies or PRM446 radios are suited for small site communications, communication within the same building or for those in sight of one another, but across a distance. Depending on the terrain, most walkie talkies can work from hundreds of metres to a few kilometres. As the name suggests, walkie-talkies give you the ability to walk and talk to your colleagues, friends, or family members. They may also be suitable for communications on campsites of while walking in areas where phone singles are poor.

Some walkie talkies, such as those referred to as the “two-way radio”, may need to be licenced, but are often more associated with professional radio products and offer more extensive ranges with less interference.

The benefit of using walkie-talkies over mobile phones is that several people can be on the same frequency at once. Some walkie talkies can be clipped to your belt, placed in cars or attached to bicycles, whilst others have the option to call other handsets.

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