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Wall Aquariums

An aquarium can offer a wealth of benefits to a home or office, lending itself to becoming a very special part of the interior design of a room. 

An aquarium is naturally visually pleasing and allows all members of the household or workplace to enjoy the experience of watching how the ecosystem of the tank and the fish themselves work and alter over time.

There are numerous different sized and shaped tanks to choose from, including both freestanding and wall mounted/built-in wall aquariums.

Choosing and Placing Your Wall Aquarium

When choosing a wall aquarium, it is important to consider:

  • The weight of the tank when it is full, i.e. whether the proposed wall is set up to take that weight easily
  • The size of the tank
  • The type of fish you want to enjoy
  • How easy it will be to maintain the wall aquarium (like freestanding tanks, wall aquariums still need space around them to allow for maintenance)
  • Whether there are adequate power points near where you want to place a wall aquarium for heat and light as appropriate


Some wall aquariums may be easily installed without the need for professional aid however it is wise to get advice in advance. 

For larger tanks, consider a tanks built into the wall as opposed to attached to it.

For concealed wiring it is worthwhile asking a contractor for advice, whether you plan to install it yourself or not.

Top Tips

  • There are a wide number of wall aquarium types, sizes and shapes so ensure that you do your research in advance
  • Wall aquariums are semi-permanent additions to your home so choose wisely
  • Ensure the wall aquarium you choose is suitable for the type of fish that you hope to house there
  • Check that the wall aquarium you are considering is designed in a way which allows for ease of cleaning and feeding
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