Wall Lights

An essential part of any interior designer's arsenal, wall lights allow you to create the home lighting scheme of your dreams. They're especially popular if you are short on floor space as they attach directly to your walls. Find a variety of styles from elegant sconce lights and chandeliers to funky contemporary up lighters. Highlight your room's best features and light up those gloomy corners all year round.

Stylish Lights For All Interiors

Matching your wall light to your interiors is easy when you have such a variety of styles to choose from. Traditional pictures lamps made from brass are the ideal choice for a cosy study with some of your favourite paintings on the wall. Bring some grandeur to your dining room with sophisticated crystal wall chandeliers or antique sconce lights.

For trendy loft style, choose retro wall lights in industrial styles. Stainless steel, visible lightbulb filaments and copper fixtures are all bang on trend. For subtle contemporary style in a cosy living room, look for ceramic up lighters or beautiful white lamps that cast light both up and down. Vintage décor is a match made in heaven for art deco wall lights and stylish shabby chic lamps with sparkling droplets.

Lighting Effects

You can choose your wall lights based on the atmosphere and ambience you want to create. Translucent lampshades create a lovely general glow without being too harsh. Illuminating up lighters can be an effective way of making a low-ceilinged room seem larger, as well as accenting favourite features like period cornicing and pretty alcoves.

Bright spotlights are ideal for rooms where you need great visibility, such as a kitchen or office. Pairing wall lights can maximise their impact and help you create a cohesive look. Spacing matching lights along a hallway, for example, is an attractive design technique that creates both warmth and space at the same time. 

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