War Games and Role Playing Games

Immersive, imaginative and highly interactive, war games and role playing games are set in fictional worlds where all players have the freedom to improvise their character’s actions and key choices, shaping the direction and ultimate outcome of a game. Many war games and role playing games are themed to certain genres such as fantasy, sci-fi and horror.

A large variety of figures and associated vehicles are also available as part of tabletop and historical war games. Here, gameplay is based upon on real-life warfare such as medieval battles, World War II, the Napoleonic war, American Civil war and the British Civil wars.

Games master

Originally created in ancient India as a simulation of ancient warfare with game pieces representing infantry, cavalry, chariots and war elephants, war games have their roots in strategy games. In the 70s fantasy elements were to heavily influence the game’s concept to create role playing games and the first commercially available role playing game Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) was produced in 1974.

War games and role playing games will usually be overseen by a games master, whose responsibility is to ensure that all players’ characters are adhering to a formal system of rules and guidelines.

Modern day warfare

Today, hugely popular war games and role playing games are manufactured most notably under the Warhammer fantasy brand as well as other game worlds such as MechWarrior (set in the fictional Battle Tech universe) and Warmachine (featuring various ‘good versus evil’ character pieces such as the Cygnar, Khador and Cryx).

War games and role playing games include many individual models and figures to represent the various warring factions. These scale models are commonly made from metal or hard plastic and bought unpainted, with pre-painted models also available.

There is also a wide selection of scenery, props and paint available to RPG fans, offering the opportunity to make games totally unique. In addition, dedicated players can also enjoy keeping updated of all the latest RPG news and developments in associated magazines and publications that appeal to both entry level and experienced gamers.