Everything You Need to Know About Buying Warhammer 40K Terrain Scenery

Add a new dimension to your Warhammer 40K experience. Pre-made and pre-painted Warhammer 40K buildings for sale on eBay are ready to drop directly into play. This terrain is perfectly sized and appropriate for 25mm miniatures.

Is this terrain specific to Warhammer 40K?

As with all tabletop gaming, the ways that the terrain can be used are limited only by your imagination. Although several of the pieces of terrain have explicitly technological artifacts represented upon them, the steampunk nature of the 40K universe means that it is perfectly appropriate for any sort of game scenario all the way back to the medieval.

Types of materials Warhammer scenery is made out of

The affordable Warhammer 40K terrain for sale is primarily made of plastic and various decorative additions such as flock, but the highly individualized and kitbashed nature of Warhammer terrain means that an enormous variety of materials and production methods are available. There is injection-molded plastic terrain, one-of-a-kind works made from recycled material, and an ever-growing amount of 3D-printed material. Here are some examples drawn from terrain for sale:

  • Pre-made injection-molded pieces attached to sprues and sold unassembled
  • Pre-made and pre-painted plastic scenery sold in its original POS packaging
  • Shaped Styrofoam terrain with plastic and wire foliage covered with glued flock
  • Pre-printed bristol board and cardboard connected with plastic stands
  • 3D-printed PLA with airbrushed acrylic paint
Can different pieces of new and used 40K terrain be used together?

Warhammer 40K terrain is always designed with a maximum of versatility and playability in mind. Large pieces are designed to stand on their own, with an ample base and strong connections between the parts. The smaller pieces, such as the small barricades or building pieces, can be scattered between or on top of the larger terrain for a truly complex work. Most 25mm miniatures have bases as well, so the terrain is designed to accommodate them.

Will purchased Warhammer terrain work with homemade terrain?

Yes. Although the terrain available on eBay is of professional quality and appearance, there is no reason why it won't mix comfortably with your own models, terrain, and Warhammer army. Hours of rewarding tabletop play are possible with these models, and their purpose is to enhance your enjoyment of the game. Terrain functions to add complexity to the tactical situation and to provide a visually interesting backdrop to the clash of armies.