Keeping Watch on Watch Batteries SR927W

Watch batteries SR927W are silver oxide button cells that are a very popular choice among consumers whose watches require this particular size and voltage of battery. Other battery types will also fit their watches, but the advantages of silver oxide chemistry make them first choice for many users. If you're looking for a silver oxide, SR927W battery for your watch, you'll find a great selection of them on eBay being sold in varying quantities at a wide range of prices.

Are these batteries also sold under different numbers?

Yes, while the batteries are commonly called SR927W, the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) designation for this battery is SR926, and it can also be found with alternative labels such as SR57, 395 and 399 by various manufacturers.

Are SR927W batteries used only in watches?

No, their ability to provide stable and constant power over long periods makes them very well suited for use as watch batteries, but they're also used in many other small devices.

Which companies make SR927W button cell batteries?

As it's such a popular battery, well-known brands such as Sony, Seiko, Rayovac, and others produce them in great quantities.

What are the advantages of silver oxide button cells?

Thanks to the chemical properties of silver oxide, button cells like the SR927W have several advantages, including:

  • Long life: The energy of these batteries is high enough that you can insert a new one in your watch and promptly forget about it while it gets on with the job of powering your watch 24 hours per day. Keep in mind, too, that not all watches are created equal. Watches with backlighting functionality and audible alarms will use battery power more quickly, which is even more reason to use a powerful battery like the SR927W.
  • Long shelf-life:The batteries have a low self-discharge rate. That means that if left unused, they will retain most of their charge for up to 5 years. Keep any extra ones that you buy as spares that you can trust to perform well when it's time to replace your old battery.
  • Mercury free: Virtually all manufacturers no longer use mercury in their production of SR927W button cells, and many make a point of advertising the fact on the package or even on the cell itself.
  • Cost effectiveness: In terms of cost per hour of continuous usage, SR927W watch batteries score very high.