Set a Beautiful Table With Waterford Crystal and Cut Glass

Waterford got its start making crystal glassware in 1947 by following age-old traditions in Waterford, Ireland, that started about 1783. When you shop on eBay for Waterford Crystal pieces for your next formal dining occasion, you can often find a variety of crystal glassware, like Waterford Crystal wine glasses carved in unique patterns, along with finding figurines, chandeliers, trophies, and vases made by the brand.

What are some elegant Waterford Crystal patterns?

When you are looking to buy new or second-hand Waterford Crystal, you may wish to identify Waterford Crystal stemware patterns. Possibilities include:

  • Lismore - For more than 60 years, workers have been producing the Lismore pattern. This pattern features wedge cuts and open plain diamonds.
  • Alana Essence - This pattern features minimal criss-crossing of intricate diamond cuts.
  • Araglin- This pattern uses vertical wedge cuts and diamond cuts to create tulip shapes.
  • Ballet Ribbon - This pattern features two lines going around the object causing it to look like a dancer's ribbon.
  • Caprice - This pattern features wedge and leaf cut patterns.
Types of affordable Waterford Crystal vases for sale

Vintage Waterford Crystal vase markings can be hard to spot because they are often acid etched into the piece or vases have a sticker with the Waterford sticker on it that may come off. There are many types of vases available, including:

  • Cylinder vases - These crystal vases, like the Fleurology Audrey Cylinder Vase, can be tall or short, and they are often used for holding bouquets.
  • Bottle vases - These choices, like the Jo Sampson Half and Half Teal Bottle Vase, can hold up to three flower stems.
  • Ball vases - These crystal vases, like the Lismore Rose Bowl, are often used to hold a bloom.
  • Flared vases - These options, like the Sheridan Flared Crystal Vase, are often used to hold upright cuts.
  • Footed vases - These vases, like the Waterford Huntley Footed Vase, are often used to hold bouquets.
Does Waterford Crystal make glassware sets?

Yes, Waterford makes many types of glassware sets that you can find when you shop on eBay, including sets that have a decanter with them. There are wine sets, old-fashioned glassware sets, highball sets, and champagne flutes available. You can also find glassware sets to serve cold, non-alcoholic beverages. When shopping for glassware sets on eBay, consider the pattern that you like because many different choices are available.