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Waterproof CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras are often placed outside so that any intruders attempting to enter a building can be recorded and identified. Waterproof CCTV cameras are ideal for outdoor use, as it's important for cameras to be weatherproof so that they remain reliable in adverse weather conditions.


By placing the camera in a strong waterproof casing, the camera lens can survive even the harshest weather. The cabling is also enclosed to prevent water getting in. IR-LED technology allows powerful night vision so pictures are clear, even in the dark. Being robust and vandal proof makes these cameras difficult to deface. CCTV cameras can also be used indoors.

Image quality

There are a range of different resolutions available depending on how clear the picture needs to be. Video is usually in HD and about 1.3 mega pixels so clear enough to give facial recognition and determine what is going on. Cameras record in colour during the day but black and white during the night to get more detail in the dark.


Most waterproof CCTV cameras typically come with a 1TB internal hard disk drive , providing plenty of storage space for video recordings. This equate to 360 hours so you can leave it running for quite a while before needing to upload the footage.

Other Features

Waterproof CCTV cameras are plug and play so that you can get them rolling straightaway. Sets typically come with multiple cameras so you can place them in several different locations. In order to make the hard drive last longer, motion detectors enable the cameras to work whenever there is movement within view. Footage can be viewed on a remote web browser so you can watch from wherever is convenient. E-mail alerts can be set up to notify you of any new footage immediately, at any time of day. A handy mobile app allows you to control the camera from your mobile phone.

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