Wedding Chair Covers

Your Guide to Choosing the Perfect Chair Cover

For a special occasion such as a wedding, wedding chair covers can turn an ordinary chair into something special. New and used dining room chair covers, as well as a variety of seat cushions, can be found at reasonable prices on eBay. Transform your chairs into something extraordinary for your next event, or simply use them to update your decor.

Types of chair covers available

You will find a variety of new and used chair covers on eBay. From seat cushion covers to armchair covers, you can find the style and colour you desire. Here are a few of the categories to choose from:

  • Stretch spandex: Dining chair covers made with stretch spandex can be stretched to fit most chair sizes. Most of the time, these are for armless chairs, such as dining room chairs. They come in a variety of colours and patterns.
  • Elastic: Elastic covers can be made out of any type of material. The elastic is around the bottom of the cover so that you can pull the cover down over the chair. The elastic edge keeps the cover in place.
  • Seat cushion covers: If you just need to cover a cushion and not the whole chair, there are many choices of cushion covers.
  • Waterproof: To fully protect a chair, you may want to get a waterproof cover. These are also nice if you want a surface that is easy to wipe off.
How do you know the chair cover will fit?

On descriptions of chair covers, it often states that it covers most chairs. To be sure you get the right size, however, you need to measure the chair you are covering. Bear in mind that most covers are stretchy, so they can fit a range of sizes. There are four measurements that are important:

  • The height of the back of the chair
  • The thickness of the seat
  • The width of the seat
  • The length of the seat
Are there chairs with arms?

If you are looking for armchair covers, these are in a slightly different category than a regular chair cover. Just make sure that you are looking specifically for armchair covers. Chair covers generally are made to work on chairs that have legs. So if your chair is a rocker or has a footrest, make sure the description states it will work for that. Like chair covers, armchair covers come in a variety of styles and colours, too.