Fascinating Fascinators: Beautiful, Must-Have Wedding Hats

When people tuned in to watch Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials in the spring of 2018, a lot of them were looking at not only the bride but also the wedding hats worn by her female guests. Now, there's no reason these hats can't be yours. There are wedding hats for sale on eBay, and they're within your budget, too. 

In what condition are these wedding hats and fascinators? 

Fascinators and affordable wedding hats are readily found not only on eBay, especially since they've made such a comeback. Gently used designer wedding hats can be had for affordable prices, including Debenhams wedding hats and John Lewis wedding hats. However, be sure to double-check the specs before making a purchase so that you know what you are getting. 

What other types of wedding hats are there? 

On eBay, wedding hats for guests to the nuptials can include:  

  • The pillbox: This one is a small, round, brimless hat with straight sides and a flat crown.
  • Saucer hats: These hats, shaped like saucers, can be decorated with veils, fabric flowers, crystals, or ribbons.
  • Ascot hat: Ascot hats have wide, sometimes asymmetrical brims and are decorated with clouds of tulle and fabric flowers. They are almost always a pastel colour. These wedding hats get their name from that fact that they are often seen at the Ascot horse races.
  • Kentucky Derby hat: This one is a hat with a wide, floppy brim that comes in cheerful colours and is usually decorated with lots of blowzy fabric flowers.

What are popular materials for wedding hats? 

Popular materials for wedding hats include sinamay, which is a fabric woven from the banana palm. Hats also consist of organza, raffia, straw, tulle, silk, and sisal. These materials are lightweight and appropriate for a warm-weather wedding. Heavier materials for a fall or winter wedding include velvet, felt, and cotton. 

What is a fascinator? 

First of all, a fascinator is not quite a wedding hat. It is a hair accessory, which Buckingham Palace decrees can't be larger than 4 inches in diameter and held to the hair with clips, combs, or Alice bands. After that, it can be anything the designer imagines, from elegant to frivolous to out there. Fascinators feature ostrich plumes and feathers from peacocks, pheasants, and other birds, veils, fabrics, and jewels. Though they seem new, fascinators have been around since the 1960s, and the word is even older. It stems from the days when women in the 17th century used to ""fasten"" pretty lace scarves to their hair.