Wedding Spinner Sterling Silver Fine Rings

Spinner Wedding Sterling Silver Fine Rings

Spinner wedding rings are trendy, aesthetically pleasing and wonderfully unique. They come in a range of sizes and designs, but are typically characterised by their multi-ring style, which allows one band to move freely around the other. Twisting and turning the movable ring can be wonderfully therapeutic which is why rings of this kind are sometimes referred to as worry bands.

Benefits of Spinner Rings

Sterling Silver spinner rings are a unique choice for those wanting something a little quirky. This is because many of them are elaborately decorated with Celtic knot or spinning chain designs giving accessories of this kind a rustic charm. That said, as its usually more cost-effective to cast designs into silver than gold or platinum, silver sterling rings can also be fresh, vibrant and up-to-date with all the latest trends.

As sterling silver is the whitest and brightest of all precious metals, it looks particularly eye-catching as a wedding band. Sterling silver is also strong, durable and designed to last. It can be easily polished up or filed at a jewellery maker to get rid of imperfections.

Spinner Rings for Women

Womens spinner wedding rings can either be crafted from sterling silver only or can be plated with a material such as gold to create a two-tone effect. Some are even accented with diamonds to give the ring added elegance and shine. The bandwidth varies from product to product with rings for women tending to be a little thinner and daintier than those designed for men, sizes vary between accessories.

Spinner Rings for Men

As mentioned, spinner rings for men tend to be chunkier and bulkier than those for women. They often have a wide stainless steel inner ring which is complemented by a narrower outer ring which gently spins around the underneath band. The outer ring typically has more elaborate detailing, as this is what you can predominately see.