Create a Lasting Impression with Wemyss Pottery

To give gifts that friends and family will love, select Wemyss pottery from eBay. With whimsical creations to suit every taste, you will find the perfect piece for your living room, or a friend's dining area.

Does all Wemyss Ware feature vibrant colours?

Yes. Wemyss ware is created using a technique that results in vibrant shades. All genuine pieces were created by firing them at low temperature to bring out the colours. They were created from a mould and then painted with details, such as realistic flowers before they were glazed. The painting techniques used on original Wemyss Ware are distinctive and were taught to Esther Weeks by Joseph Nekola. These techniques are used in the creation of decorative motifs, such as hand-painted thistles on animals, flowers, and jam pots that have significant historical value.

Are Wemyss pigs the only type of Wemyss ware available?

Wemyss ware comes in many different forms, so while many people like the Wemyss pig, you can also choose from options, such as beautifully decorated cats. Some people aim to have a Wemyss menagerie, which depicts several iconic ceramics. Collectors who visit eBay can find flowers, fruits, and other depictions of British wildlife, along with honey pots and dishes with the world-famous bee pattern.

If you like companion animals, eBay has ceramics with the Bonjour pattern, which features black cockerels on verdant green grass. Hand-painted clovers and cabbage roses on unusual shapes will please nature lovers.

Can you store items in a Wemyss pig or honey box?

Some Wemyss pigs were made with slots for money, so they could be used as piggy banks. Several were personalised with the names of their owners. This is not the only type of Wemyss ware that can be used for storage, and honey pots also had practical applications. Honey box sets come with a cover and stand and feature the hive pattern. All parts of the three-part sets are stamped in the same fashion. Some on eBay may come with:

  • Professional restoration on sections like the thistle knobs of honey boxes.
  • The original impressed Wemyss stamp.
  • The painted green Wemyss mark.
Choose genuine Wemyss pigs

Wemyss pottery pigs have a high resale value, and you should always select authentic ceramics from eBay. These regularly appear at Sotheby's, and some have been sold for £20,000. These demonstrate skilful use of painting techniques and colour while capturing poses that set them apart. Genuine Wemyss ceramics are lightweight and are not predominantly pink. Instead, they feature detailed painting with a variety of colours.