How to Profit from Wholesale & Job Lots

We offer an extensive range of wholesale and job lot listings. From Antiques, Sports Memorabilia to Household Accessories, you’ll find just what you’re looking for. If you are looking to add to a collection or start a new one, you’ll find collectables, pottery, porcelain, antiques, art, watches and jewellery. Buy mobile phones, clothing or home, garden and office essentials in bulk and make great savings.

Buy Low, Sell High

Enter the job lot retail market and watch your profits skyrocket. eBay is a great source for finding big clearance, stock sales of items that are worth a lot of money when sold individually; especially when they are brand new or barely used. You can place your bids on various job lots, but some of the most profit comes from buying and reselling clothing items (a lot easier to ship than, for example, glass items), kids toys (especially LEGO, big with kids and collectors), and video games (new and vintage, also the consoles themselves). CDs and DVDs are also good for buying in job lots and then reselling, especially if you know which titles to get (hint: not the popular ones). They are very easy to package and to ship. Books are also easy to ship and a good item to buy in bulk because there is always a demand for domestic and international titles.

Opportunities are Everywhere

A lot of mint condition job lots come from auctions by people who have a stash of something that they suddenly no longer need and are selling it for dirt cheap. For example, ink and toner cartridges. People stock up on those, but then their printer breaks and now they have a tonne of perfectly good cartridges just laying around. This is your opportunity to snatch them for cheap.

Wholesale Automotive Joblots

Wholesale suppliers of automotive products are on eBay as well. Are you looking to buy a particular kind of vehicle? Choose from many kinds of cars from Europe, such as BMW or Mercedes, or quality from Japan with brands like Mazda. With the automotive industry gradual switch towards electric vehicles, expect eBay to become THE place for vintage cars and parts.