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Wildlife Digital Cameras

If you've previously tried to film any form of wildlife, you'll know how difficult and time consuming it can be, particularly if you don't have the right equipment for the job. Usually covered in a camouflage print, these wildlife digital cameras are designed to be placed remotely in the wild and left to capture all the movement of creatures and animals that happen to pass by in their natural habitats.

The features on these digital cameras are what make them so unique and perfect for nature enthusiasts, wildlife surveillance or photographers hoping to capture animals in their natural environments without getting scared of human interference. This is particularly effective for capturing sensitive wildlife such as roe deer or foxes. If placed in the right environment, you can be sure to never miss out again whether it be day or night scenes you're interested in filming.

Before you make a final decision on your wildlife digital camera, make sure you check all the features, so that you get the right camera for you. Dependent on its uses, you may want to ensure your camera is thoroughly waterproof, has a good battery life and excellent night vision. Importantly you should also ensure you're equipped with the right accessories so wherever you are, you can get your camera set up whether attached to a tree or elsewhere.

PIR Detection

Passive infrared monitor sensor, or PIR , is a sensor that is triggered by anything with a body temperature that passes in front of the wildlife digital camera. Once triggered, the camera films the surrounding wildlife without disturbing it. This is great as you can be certain that all wildlife will be captured on film, as the camera starts recording as soon as there is any detection of movement or body heat.

Super Infrared Night Vision

Many animals are more active during the night; therefore you need a camera that will capture images and videos in both daylight and the dark. Wildlife digital cameras have super infrared hunting night vision , which have 48pcs of high performance infrared LEDS, to ensure you can capture beautiful and clear footage at all times. There is also a super night vision feature available, which captures any movement in complete darkness.

Battery Life

Wildlife digital cameras typically use 8 AA batteries that can last up to 6 months. This means you can leave the camera in the wild for a long time and capture plenty of wildlife activity. The camouflage patterns on the camera mean it will blend into the surrounding area and stay safe for the long period of recording.

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