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Wilson Tennis Rackets

Used by many of the world's top professional tennis players, Wilson tennis racket are a firm favourite with Roger Federer, the Williams sisters, Grigor Dimitrov and Petra Kvitova. These players contribute to the designs and innovations of Wilson rackets as well as using them to play on the professional tennis circuit.

Choosing the right tennis racket

Wilson tennis rackets come in a whole variety of styles and you can choose the grip size, weight, length and head size that suits you and your style of play.

Wilson tennis rackets for adults come in four different ranges, depending on how you play.

Rackets for juniors

Wilson also produce a range of rackets for junior players, usually up to the age of 12. To get the correct size for your child, measure the distance from their fingertip to the ground when they're standing upright. If a tennis racket is too big or too small, this could impede their play so make sure you've got the right size.

Different rackets for different styles of playing

For the baseliner, chose a racket from the Wilson Burn range. If your game is based around your groundstrokes from the baseline but you want a racket that allows you to swing fast for accelerated head speed, then these are the ones for you.

Attacking players move both forward and side to side and want a racket that helps them control their game. Wilson Pro Staff and Blade designs are ideal for this type of player.

If you're an all courter, looking for a racket that's suitable for playing both singles and doubles and playing all types of shot from anywhere on the court, choose a Wilson Ultra racket.

If you're a beginner, intermediate or recreational player, have a look at Wilson's Recreational designs, including Value, Mid-Plus and Over Size.

Whatever style and level of tennis player you are, or want to be, then there will be a Wilson tennis racket that's just right for you.