Wine Cabinets and Fridges

Whether you are a serious wine buff or just enjoy the occasional glass,wine cabinets and fridges provide a great way to keep your wine at the optimum temperature. There are a wide selection of wine cabinets and fridges available to enable you to store your wine in a stylish manner.

Wine cabinets and fridges can be either freestanding or they can be built into your kitchen units. A freestanding wine cabinet is a great option for those with less kitchen space. They are also ideal for when you want to have the option of transporting or storing your wine collection in different places. Whereas a built in wine fridge can add a stylish touch to any kitchen, allowing you to effortlessly select a bottle to accompany a meal as you cook.

Wine cabinets come in a variety of different designs, allowing you to find the perfect wine cabinet or fridge to suit your requirements. A range of dimensions are available from tall and narrow through to chunky square designs. This selection makes it easy to find the right size to fit the space that you have available.

Most wine cabinets and fridges feature a glass front panel, allowing you to easily see which wines you currently have available. This front grass panel can come in a range of finishes such as frosted or darkened glass. The outer metal and door frames are also available in a style of colours so that you can choose a colour to match your kitchen.

There are several different racking systems available from traditional wire racks designed to maximise storage, to luxury shelving which is designed to offer a visually appealing view of your wine. Whichever style of racking you choose, there are options available to safely store different sized wine bottles.

Although it is traditionally only white wine, rose and sparkling wines which are stored chilled, there are a selection of specialist wine cabinets and fridges designed specifically for the storage of red wines.

High end wine cabinets and fridges can offer some additional features that would benefit any wine connoisseur. These can include dual temperature zones, which allow different wines to be stored at different temperatures. They are available with either manual or LCD temperature control units.

Wine cabinets and fridges are available at a range of price points making it easy to find a unit to suit your needs as well as your budget.

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