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Wireless CCTV Cameras

Wireless CCTV cameras are specialist security devices which are designed to capture, monitor and record videos in designated areas where a wireless signal is sent from the device to a monitor or computer screen. This CCTV (or closed circuit television) is used both indoors and outdoors as an effective surveillance and security measure for both homes and businesses.

There are many wireless CCTV cameras available and systems should be selected according to the size and scale of your needs. Wireless CCTV cameras are manufactured by popular brands such as Swann, ANNKE and Friedland. They offer features such as high-resolution 1080p CCTV recording and 4 or 8 channel CCTV Digital Video Recorders in high definition via single or multiple mini Wi-Fi cams. In addition, many models of wireless CCTV camera have night vision enabled so that you can record activities during both day and night.


Wireless CCTV cameras for the home can provide an excellent source of supporting evidence as the system records events as they happen. This could be particularly useful during neighbourly disputes to record any incriminating footage. Alternatively, if your home has already been burgled recorded clips from wireless CCTV cameras may catch and identify a thief in the act, consequently providing valuable evidence at trial.

CCTV in the home provides peace of mind as systems can be positioned in areas which would otherwise be tricky to view. For example, a Wi-Fi security cam can be mounted above a doorway so that you can see who is approaching your house without having to open the door. A camera can also be set to scan an area periodically to give an even better view. This aspect is considered especially useful for those more vulnerable such as lone homeowners and the elderly.

The addition of wireless CCTV cameras in the home should also lower home insurance premiums, with most insurance companies recognising the security benefits of installing a system in your home.

Many advanced wireless CCTV cameras also offer the technology to be able to remotely monitor what is happening in your home via the internet on a tablet or smartphone , whatever your location.

Spycams and pinhole cameras

There are several mini wireless CCTV cameras including compact devices such as pinhole cameras and spy cams, which are designed to easily hide in different locations. These systems can be applied to various areas and provide discreet surveillance systems for shops, factories and warehouses, as well as the effective monitoring of children, the elderly and visitors to your home.

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