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Wireless Home Security Cameras

Choose from a wide range of wireless home security cameras to suit your home and needs. Images are transferred using analogue or digital technology to a computer, tablet or mobile phone . Smart security cameras can link to an app, which is used to monitor the premises when you are out. Digital cameras offer superior quality, but are more expensive.

A drawback of wireless systems is that they can experience interference from other devices nearby that are nearby including routers, microwaves and cordless phones. There could also be problems with transmission and recording if the Internet connection is lost.


Most wireless home security cameras have remote access technology using a PC or smartphone, or via email notifications when the camera is active. Some wireless cameras include motion detection sensors which are activated when movement is detected. This capability is useful to reduce the amount of video footage that is being stored.

WiFi capability enables a wireless camera to communicate with your home network, protecting it from being disabled and for easier installation. The field of view varies from camera to camera and will determine how many wireless cameras are used.

As well as motion detection, some wireless cameras have night vision where the camera is able to record images in low light situations.

Some wireless home security cameras have a built-in microphone that can receive and send sound via a speaker, enabling the camera to also be used as an intercom.

The resolution of the wireless camera determines the quality of the video and can help in identifying faces and objects in recording


Plug and play capability makes the installation of wireless camera networks simpler and easier. Ensure the cameras are positioned at the correct angle to record the best images, that they are not pointing to the ground and nothing is obstructing the camera's view. In addition, make sure the camera's access to the internet signal is uninterrupted.

Although wireless security cameras don't need to be tethered to a Ethernet port or router, they do still need power to work. Some cameras available run on batteries, so if the camera needs an external power source, make sure it is easily reachable to an power socket.

Not all wireless security cameras have remote control and remove access capabilities. If you want to view recordings remotely in real-time via a browser, ensure that this is an option with the camera of your choice.

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