Get a Wireless Mouse and Cut the Cord Out

A wireless mouse is a cord-free, travel-friendly variant of the traditional computer mouse. Find a range of wireless mice on eBay to easily manage and freely move your computer mouse.

How does a wireless mouse UK work?

Wireless mice use either radiofrequency or Bluetooth to connect with your computer. The mouse contains a transmitter that registers the mouse’s actions, such as movements, right-clicks, and left-clicks. These actions then get broadcasted to the receiver; a component that plugs into your computer. For Bluetooth connectivity and functionality, you’ll not require this receiver. The mouse will directly communicate with the Bluetooth hardware embedded in your computer after you set up the connection first.

Benefits of using a wireless mouse

Besides the obvious benefit of not having to worry about stuck or tangled cables, wireless mice offer quite a few other benefits:

  • The RF technology used in a cordless mouse has a longer range and can pass via barriers, such as your monitor or a desk.
  • One less cable on the desk means a tidier setup or the ability to indulge in some couch gaming.
  • Wireless mice are ideal when using a tablet-style convertible laptop or PC.
  • Some Bluetooth mice can be paired with multiple devices simultaneously. This is something you cannot achieve with wired mice.
Things to consider when buying a wireless mouse

Wireless mice come in different shapes, sizes, and feel. To buy the right wireless mouse, consider the following attributes:

  • Connectivity: A cordless mouse can work on Bluetooth or using the wireless transceiver. If your desktop PC doesn’t support Bluetooth, make sure the mouse you buy comes with the receiver component.
  • Sensitivity: Mouse sensitivity is measured in DPI (dots per inch), and a higher DPI means the mouse pointer will move faster on the screen with little physical movement. If you are looking to buy a wireless mouse for gaming, DPI is what you should be looking at.
  • Battery life: Wireless mice run on batteries, which could be non-replaceable lithium-ion batteries or replaceable AAA/AA batteries. The lithium-ion versions are rechargeable; however, the replaceable batteries last several months before needing a swap.
Does a wireless mouse come with any pairing/calibration requirements?

Generally, a wireless mouse and its unifying receiver do not require calibrating or pairing. Quite often, the mouse and its receiver pair with each other automatically. However, there are instances when the mouse could be bundled in with software to facilitate the connection in a few easy steps. This usually entails the mouse giving out a cue for its receiver to pick up or carrying out certain mouse actions for the calibration to happen.