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Wireless Spy Cameras

A spy camera is a video camera used to record people and activities. The camera is often hidden from view and can be sued for security and surveillance. A wireless spy camera sends a video signal to a receiver and some may have an audio capability. Spy cameras come in many different shapes and sizes and so can be easily hidden.

Types of wireless spy camera

There are two different types of wireless spy cameras available. One type uses WiFi to send a signal to a computer or a mobile phone enabling you to view the camera regardless of where you may be via the internet. The other type sends a video and audio signal between the camera and a receiver via a 2.4 GHz transmission frequency. The receiver is connected to a video recorder or TV .


A wireless spy camera is portable with few wires and can be concealed if necessary. However battery life and transmission capability can be a disadvantage. It can be activated in a variety of ways, either by remote control, via a motion or sound detector or manually. The wireless spy camera can be inserted into a range of everyday items, designed to resemble a plug or socket extension, or can be used in doorbells ensuring safety at home.

They have a variety of uses where you need to monitor activity in your home or office and the evidence can be submitted in court if needed. They have been used in reality television shows and as headcams for safety aspects. They can also come in unique disguises such as a pen .


The spy camera is available with built-in HD for clear, colour images and some have infrared LEDs for night vision . Certain types of wireless spy cameras can include a microphone and speaker so that you can listen and speak via a phone or mobile handset. Spy cameras have built-in storage capacity to record videos, this can vary depending on the device you choose.

To trigger the spy camera by voice or motion, a built-in G-Meter detects movement or sound and activates the video recording. The device can also be set to record continuously, but it will write over previous videos when the memory card is full, or it can be scheduled to record at specific times of the day or night.

In general, the battery life is approximately 10 hours for continuous or motion detection recording and on standby it will last for up to 4 months.

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