Wolf Range appliances for any kitchen

Kit out your kitchen with Wolf appliances, a must-have for any modern home. From ovens and cooktops to coffee machines and kitchen accessories, Wolf caters to all of your kitchen needs. With units designed to stand out in modern interiors to those that are built into walls or other appliances, you're sure to find the perfect kitchen appliances here on eBay. 

Wolf Dual Fuel appliances

Combining all of the vital appliances every kitchen needs, a Wolf Dual Fuel unit with a charbroiler and griddle is the perfect solution. This bold unit is made from stainless steel with touches of red and blue found throughout to make for a contemporary and professional style. 

A convection oven works to evenly heat any food whilst a self-clean feature stops the build-up of notoriously hard-to-get-rid-of oven grime. Choose from ten different cooking modes so you can get the perfect roast every time. The dual stacked Wolf cooker offers an amazing amount of adjustable heat. The bottom flame delivers lower heat whilst the other comes on when turning the knob all the way up. 

The infra-red charbroiler offers evenly distributes heat evenly over the grate whilst an infra-red griddle is perfect for cooking teppanyaki style dishes or even pancakes. 

Wolf coffee systems

Wolf coffee systems fit perfectly into any modern home thanks to the sleek designs and premium materials. You can craft barista-style coffees in the comfort of your own home, including espresso, macchiato or a flat white. 

The easy to use interface is used to select your perfect sized coffee as well as the strength of your drink, or you can use the advanced 'Double Coffee' button to create two identical drinks. Pour up to 414ml of hot water with the press of a button, perfect for making other hot drinks in no time.