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Women's Beret Hats

Berets are a timeless classic and one of their many benefits is that they can be worn all year round. Traditionally associated with French fashion, women's beret hats are available in a wide range of shapes, styles, colours and materials and are a staple accessory for many.

How to wear a beret

Berets are renowned for their versatility and can be worn in many ways to suit different styles.

For a sharp and stylish look, slant to one side and pair with an intricate braid and fitted coat. For a more relaxed feel try wearing a beret pulled down low on the back of your head, as if it were a beanie.

As a statement fashion item, beret hats look great when used to inject a pop of colour into a ordinarily plain outfit. Try contrasting a beret with the colour of your favourite coat to really set it off.

Berets are also popular as a slouchy addition to a casual French-inspired outfit when paired with jeans and a classic breton top. For a unique, vintage look don't be afraid to add ornamentation such as a brooch or bow.

Materials for berets

Women's beret hats are available in a wide range of different materials. For comfort and warmth, berets made of angola or soft wool are a great choice and these styles are particularly favoured in the winter. They are also favoured by some as they are a delicate option that won't weigh down thinner hair.

Traditional materials used for berets tend to be woven, like wool, and also include crocheted cotton which can give a more casual, handmade and textured appearance. These look great in natural colours or brighter styles and are extremely versatile.

Felted materials are another popular choice, and are favoured for being lightweight, whilst acrylic and other synthetic materials are great if you're looking for a budget friendly option when purchasing a beret.