Women's Bikes

Womens Bikes

A wide variety of womens bikes is available for both serious cyclists and recreational bikers. Manufactured by leading brands such as Apollo, Raleigh and Specialized, models can be selected across a choice of wheel and frame sizes, materials and other specifications to suit your lifestyle needs.

Womens bikes are made to suit a typical womans frame and should be chosen according to a riders height and build. Wheel sizes range from 10” to 29” and frame sizes vary from 11” to 21”. Each different style of bike will have varying multiple gear shifts which will allow the rider to maintain a comfortable speed.

Sportive bikes

There are several womens bikes which are designed specifically for the serious cyclist and these include mountain bikes and trekking bikes for all-terrain use and those womens bikes for road racing or touring. Road bikes typically have aerodynamic drop handlebars which offer multiple hand positions during races or downward descents.

Womens mountain bikes offer lightweight frames and rugged, wider tyres with a distinctive knobbly surface which sheds mud, making them great bikes for off-roading on trails and in forests. Hardtail mountain bikes have front suspension and a rigid rear. Full-suspension mountain bikes are good for tough trails and will contend with roots, rocks and other tough terrains.

Urban commute

City bikes have lighter components for easier pedalling and soft, slim seats for quick movement and are designed for a comfortable ride on pavement or road. Hybrid comfort bikes are usually flat bar bikes which are also good for commuting or leisure riding. These styles can be sporty with thicker, rugged tyres or sleek models with smoother tyres designed for quick trips around town. Some have handy racks, baskets or pannier mounts to carry shopping or bags. Comfort or cruiser bikes have gel or foam seats with springs for added comfort.

Portable womens bikes

If youre looking for a lightweight portable womens bike consider carbon fibre foldable bikes which will collapse to fit in your car or titanium framed models which can be easily lifted up onto a bike rack.