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Women's Cotton Briefs

With so many styles to choose from, picking the right underwear can be a tricky business for any woman. Although not renowned as being the most stylish of underwear on the market, women's cotton briefs are a reliable choice when it comes to a comfortable fit.

There are many reasons to choose cotton briefs instead of other materials such as silk or satin. Cotton is a fabric that is unlikely to cause an allergic reaction and therefore minimises the chances of irritation and itching. Cotton also sits softly against your skin and allows your body to breathe preventing any unwanted odours. Women's cotton briefs are available in a range of colours, patterns and designs.

Cotton is an absorbent material, durable and easy to wash. Cotton briefs are also less expensive than other fabrics.

The brief design gives full front and back coverage to your body and sits comfortably around or just above the natural waistline. Cotton briefs are the practical choice for day to day use and are ideal for wearing under high waist trousers, dresses and skirts.

Whatever your preferred look of underwear, there is no need to compromise on comfort or hygiene. Women's cotton briefs offer a range of different variations including high, mid and low-rise designs that are ideal for any occasion.

High-rise briefs provide full coverage to the hips, tummy and rear. Otherwise known as 'granny pants,' these provide maximum comfort during the day.

The mid-rise style is quite similar to the high-rise briefs, but gives more exposure around the hips. Equally as comfortable, these still give both full front and back coverage.

Low-rise cotton briefs are also available. Seen as more of a trendy and sexier design, they sit just beneath the waistline and can expose more of the rear whilst still giving the necessary coverage to both sides of your body.

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