Dance Shoes for Women

Whether you prefer ballet or ballroom, search dance shoes for women to find the perfect pair for the job. Choosing the right shoes is such an important part of dance as it can affect comfort as well as flexibility and movement.

Ballet Shoes

Ballet shoes are lightweight and are usually made from leather, satin or canvas. They have a flexible sole to move with your feet, which is most commonly made from soft suede.

The fit is very important in ballet shoes. They should fit closely to the feet with enough room to move your toes in but not loose enough to affect performance.

Satin is usually reserved for performances but should you choose canvas or leather for your training and rehearsals? Leather dance shoes are more durable, whereas canvas dance shoes are more affordable and can easily be machine washed.

Ballroom Dance Shoes

Just like ballet shoes, ballroom dance shoes should fit much more closely than your usual shoes as they should not allow your foot to move around inside. The shoes are always specially designed for ballroom with their heel placed perfectly to get the right balance and performance.

Generally, you'll find ballroom dance shoes in traditional colours such as black, white and beige.

Latin Dance Shoes

Latin dance shoes have a high and steady heel that is made specifically for latin dance. Latin dance shoes usually always have an open toe as the dances include more toe-pointing and focus on the feet.

Although the heel is more slender and tall than ballroom dance shoes, Latin dance shoes use Cuban heels to offer more support. Cuban heels flare out at the base to give the illusion of a slim heel with the strength and support of a lower, chunkier heel.

Dance Trainers

If your dance is more casual or doesn't require a certain shoe, why not opt for dance trainers for ultimate comfort and support?