Women's Equestrian Jackets

Equestrian Jackets for Women

A wide selection of equestrian jackets for women is available in a variety of styles. Whether you are looking for a coat to go horse riding or just enjoy the look of equestrian jackets, there are many stylish and practical designs to choose from.

Finding the right fit

Finding a well fitting coat or jacket can sometimes be a challenge, so fortunately there is a large range of different cuts and styles available to suit a variety of body shapes.

Luxury materials made to last

Equestrian clothing comes in a range of materials, from luxury tweed to warm quilted polyester, ensuring you can find the right coat or jacket for you. Equestrian jackets are highly durable and designed to handle all outdoor conditions, keeping you warm and protected no matter what the weather.

Down quilted coats and jackets are available with a selection of different waddings, providing extra warmth in cold weather. For the summer months there are many lightweight jackets and coats, which will protect you from the elements while keeping you cool.

Traditional and modern designs

There is a wide selection of styles and designs available, from traditional equestrian wax jackets to smart womens blazers and gilets , which are perfect for either a night out or a day in the countryside. These style of jackets have a relaxed yet glamorous edge to them, with a renowned and distinctive countryside feel.

Traditionally equestrian jackets come in shades of green or brown, however modern equestrian jackets offer a wide selection of vibrant colour options. With such a wide choice of colours and patterns available, it is easy to find an equestrian jacket which suits your style.

There are equestrian jackets for women available from a variety of brands. Some brands offer stylish designer jackets, whereas other jackets can offer high levels of comfort and durability.