Women's Golf Clothing

Golf Clothing for Women

Performance enhancing clothing that regulates temperature and allows you to feel your best is key for any sport, and golf is no different. Theres a wide selection of golf clothing for women, so whether youre looking for a few key pieces or a completely new outfit, theres bound to be something thats right for you.

Womens Golf Tops

Base layers and gilets are ideal if youre playing in chilly weather, and can be layered to make sure youll stay warm. Theres also a choice of coats and jackets if youre looking for something more substantial. Look for items that let you move freely at the arms and waist so as not to impede your swing.

For golfing in the summer a top or a T-shirt would be better. The short sleeves keep you cool while maintaining a smart appearance.


Trousers are ideal for playing in winter and you can find lined versions available which add extra warmth. Also, if you have an event coming up and want to look smart, go for a tailored pair of trousers.

If its summertime and youre having a casual round with friends then a pair of shorts might be better for you. Or if you want to bring a little femininity to the golf course then why not choose a skirt, skort or dress? Ideal for warmer climates, they are both practical and stylish.

Womens Golfing Footwear

There are many styles and a variety of brands to choose from, depending on what the occasion is. If its a relaxed occasion then a pair of shoes with a trainer-like design would be perfect. For a formal occasion then choose a pair of womens smart leather shoes.

Its also worth considering whether you wish to have spikes or spike-less shoes. Shoes with spikes might be better if you want a little extra security when swinging.