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Women's Hi Top and Trainer Boots

Traditionally worn solely as sports footwear, women's hi top and trainer boots are often now worn as a fashion item. Their design makes them supportive around the ankle, which you might prefer to low trainers if you are looking for a little extra support. There are a wide choice of colours, styles and fastenings available so you are sure to find the perfect pair for you.

Features of hi tops

Hi top trainers have an extended piece of material that covers the whole of the ankle, the top of the foot arch and the very bottom of the leg and finishes just after the Achilles tendon. This extra ankle support makes women's hi top and trainer boots and ideal choice for playing sports, particularly sports played on flat surfaces where you need to run and quickly stop or change direction suddenly, such as basketball or baseball.

Hi top trainers and boots often have laces or sometimes Velcro to fasten them. This can be adjusted so you can do them all the way up to the top to increase support. Alternately, if you wanted a little more freedom, you can tie the laces lower down, to allow the ankle to move more freely.

Materials and care

How you want to wear your hip tops influences the type of material that you might prefer to choose. Suede is a good option as it is a little different and will make your footwear stand out. Often suede is not very weather resistant, so it may be a good idea to wear these indoors or when the weather is good.

Leather hi tops are more able to withstand wet weather. If you are planning on playing sports outdoors or walking in the rain these are a more appropriate choice. Textile hi tops have the widest range of fastenings available - you can choose from lace up , zip or slip on styles.

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