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Women's Hijabs

Find women's hijabs in a huge variety of colours, styles and fabrics. Whether you are off to work, out shopping, or choosing an outfit for a special occasion, find a hijab to suit you.


Chiffon hijabs

- a great choice of material if you want something which is lightweight but also luxurious at the same time. Chiffon can be made from cotton, silk or man-made fibres such as polyester. Chiffon is very feminine, and can also be dyed a huge variety of colours. This is a great choice for the warmer months when you want to keep cool.

100% cotton hijabs

- hijabs made from 100% cotton are a great option for when you want a more casual look, whilst keeping cool at the same time. Women's cotton hijabs can be printed with a wide variety of patterns and colours.

Cotton blend hijabs

- gives you the look and feel of cotton and the versatility of other materials. Cotton blend hijabs are often made of a cotton and lace mix, which gives the hijab a very pretty look. They can also blend cotton with viscose, which is a very strong material and very durable.

Viscose hijabs

- a man-made fibre which gives the hijab the look of silk but the feel of cotton. Viscose is incredibly durable and resistant to creasing, making it a very practical option. It is also remarkably more affordable than other options.



- This is the best option if you want to keep your outfit simple and low-key.


- A beautiful option for warmer months, floral patterned hijabs are very feminine.


- Lace hijabs are very pretty and great for when you are dressing up for a special occasion. They can be made from several materials – some are made from natural materials like silk and cotton, while others are made from viscose.

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