Women's Knickers

Womens Knickers

They say that a house is only as good as its foundations and the same is true of a good outfit: it all starts with a great base. The right underwear gives you the confidence to pull off any outfit with ease. Youll find a great range of womens knickers available so whether you want something small and discreet or a sexy showstopper then theres bound to be the right undies for you.

Flattering full coverage

If you like knickers that provide more coverage there are several styles to choose from. Boyshorts or ‘girl boxers fit close to the body and cover the whole of the buttocks, starting at the top of the thighs and rising to the level of the hip bones. There are also styles available which cover a little more of the thighs and rise slightly higher which can be comfortable if you like the feeling of having more skin covered.

For a slightly sexier take on boxer-style womens knickers then why not go for a pair of French knickers? Offering a similar amount of coverage, the main difference is these underwear are looser. Often made of luxurious materials such as silk they can be a fun way to add a little indulgence to an everyday outfit. This type of underwear was popular in the mid-twentieth century so theyre a great choice if you have a passion for vintage.

Barely there

If youre worried about your panty line being visible through your clothing then you may prefer bikini-style knickers or a thong. The bikini offers slightly less coverage than the boxer while still covering most of the buttocks. The sleeker design makes the underwear line less perceptible.

For total confidence and peace of mind that your underwear wont show through your clothes then a thong is the best bet. The coverage over the buttocks is minimal reducing any worry that the lines of your clothing will be disrupted. This style of womens knickers is particularly good if youre wearing tight-fitting bottoms.