Women's Leg Warmers

Made famous in the 1980s by iconic films like Flashdance, leg warmers aren't just for fancy dress. From their original use as dancewear to accessories for sports like cycling and a useful winter fashion item, there are many reasons to invest in a pair of the perfect women's leg warmers.

The collection of leg warmers available provides everything from jazzy neon options to help you inject some colour into your wardrobe or to add to any 80s themed party look to elegant woollen options in taupe or grey for a stylish winter wardrobe.

You'll be sure to find exactly what you're looking for and all designs are available in a wide range of materials and colours.

Popular styles of women's leg warmers

They're not just for fancy dress but if that is why you're looking to invest in leg warmers then you'll be spoilt for choice. Traditionally, leg warmers are paired with a classic 1980s outfit of brightly coloured hot pants, a vest top or fitted t shirt and perhaps accompanying wrist bands and a head band. For best effect combine with backcombed hair and blue mascara and remember, you can never have too much neon!

If you're looking for a more stylish choice rest assured there's the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe. One of the most popular looks is to wear a pair of tasteful woollen leg warmers with your favourite winter boots. They should just appear above the top of your boots for a fashionable look and are great when matched with an oversized cosy scarf. Try cream leg warmers with brown boots or grey with black footwear.

For a modern cold weather aesthetic, try a pair of leg warmers worn over tights or leggings paired with an oversized slouchy jumper or cardigan. They should be just pulled over the tops of your shoes and look great with black ankle boots for a cute and fashionable style.

Leg warmers aren't just for winter though. They are perfect matched with boots and a dress for spring or autumn style. Try an a-line or boho dress for a relaxed vibe, or a simple black day dress for a classic look.