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Women's Long Sleeve Tops and Shirts

With a variety of necklines and colours available, there are women's long sleeve tops and shirts for everyone. Whether you are busty or petite, there is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing the perfect style for your body shape.

Different chest sizes

A boat neck, sometimes called a bateau neck, runs from shoulder to shoulder. It's ideal for people with smaller chests as this style of neckline draws your eye upwards. Blouses that tie at the neck are also great for people with smaller chests.

If you have a larger chest then v-neck or scoop necks, similar to a bateau but slightly lower, are better as they are more flattering for that area. Tops that have high necklines like polo necks, turtle necks and crew necks, are less flattering for larger chests as they create more space between the bust and the face. This may make it appear as if your breasts are too low and poorly supported.

Necks, shoulders and face shapes

The lower the neckline, the longer your neck will appear. So if you have a short neck opt for v-neck or plunging necklines. Boat necks and scoop necks are also great for enhancing the length of your neck.

The broader your shoulders, the narrower your neckline should be. So if you've got broad shoulders avoid boat necks and scoop necks.

Different face shapes suit different necklines too. Round faces suit v-necks, long faces boat necks or cowl necks, and angular faces look good in scoop necks and cowl necks.

Fabric choices and colours

To further emphasise your figure, choose fabrics and colours wisely. If you've a rounded figure then avoid floaty or shiny fabrics like silk or chiffon . Instead opt for matte jersey or cotton blends in darker, neutral shades.

Those with smaller upper bodies and larger lower bodies should choose bold patterned and coloured tops in chunkier styles.

Hourglass figures look better in stronger colours and form fitting materials like spandex or cotton.

If you've a more boyish figure, create curves with light, bright colours and clingy or shiny materials like satin and silk .

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