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Women's Rabbit Fur Coats and Jackets

Keep cosy and stylish in the cold weather with women's rabbit fur coats and jackets, whether full fur or adorned with fur details.

Real fur offers a superior technical warmth and softness over faux fur, providing a natural warmth. It is an eco-friendly material and is a renewable, natural resource. Rabbit fur is popular for full fur coats, cosy hood trims and insulating linings.

Choose a boxy jacket or one with placement fur details for an easy modern style, or opt for a full-length fur coat for a more classic, vintage look.

The production of fur has dramatically changed in modern times and contemporary farms often use strict legislations to ensure animal welfare. Rabbit fur is the most common type used in fur coats and different breeds of rabbits are used to produce a range of fabrics that go into the production of women's rabbit fur coats and jackets.

Rex Fur

The most common rabbit fur used for coats and jackets is Rex fur, which has a very dense and soft undercoat that is ideal for making outerwear. It is often cheaper than most other types of fur, making is more accessible to more fashion lovers.

Aside from being the most common in outerwear, it is also very popular for coat lining, especially in reversible jackets as it provides incredible warmth as well as a soft feel.


Angora is used to make soft wool, which is known for having thin, fluffy fibres. The very fine material makes for a very light and airy knit, which is comfortable to wear next to the skin. It is loved for being soft and comfortable and the fibres help maintain a steady temperature as it allows the skin to breathe, but also absorbs any moisture.

The wool has been proven to be up to three times warmer than sheep's wool to keep you cosy on the coldest of days. There is a wide range of angora coats , all in different styles and colours.

Satin Fur

For those who love a sheen to their look, you'll love satin rabbit fur, which, as the name suggests, produces a shiny coat. It is especially popular in vintage style shawls and cropped jackets, perfectly paired with colourful satin dresses.

Other Rabbit Fur

Aside from the speciality Rex, Angora and Satin rabbits, other rabbit furs are used for their roll back effect which makes them easier to maintain and style. The roll back effect means that if the coat is brushed in the wrong direction, the hairs will naturally fall back into their rightful place, meaning that the fur will always look well styled.

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