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Women's Razor Blades

There is a wide selection of women's razor blades available, offering a variety of features to cater for the grooming needs of the modern woman.

Replacement razor blades and disposable razors are the two main types of women's razors. Disposable razors are intended for single use only, whereas replacement razor blades attach to a permanent razor head.

There are different types of replacement razor blades available, so before purchasing, it is important to ensure that they are the correct blades to mount on your razor head.

Multi-blade razors are commonplace now with many different blade options available. Typically women's razor blades feature between three and six blades together with cooling or moisturising strips. The additional blades help to give a closer and longer lasting shave, making shaving quicker and easier.

The individual blades on many razors flex and pivot independently adjusting to the shape of your body for an enhanced shaving experience.

Modern razor blades for women are usually fitted with a protective wire guard to minimise the risk of cuts or nicks.

It is also common for replacement razor blades to come fitted with large moisturising and conditioning strips. These strips help to maximise comfort both during and after shaving, leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth.

There are many different types of these strips available, which include a variety of extracts and benefits including scented moisturisers to leave your skin smooth and smelling fabulous.

Razor blades are available for sensitive skin with pads to minimise skin irritation and soothe the skin with hypoallergenic formulas.

Many razor blades have matching shaving creams and gels for women, which have been produced together with the razor blades to offer an optimum shaving experience.

They are available in several different pack sizes offering increased savings the more replacement razor blades are purchased.

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