Stay on Your Feet With Women's Steel Toe Cap Trainers

Protective workwear is an essential part of life on a construction site, and none more so than your shoes. From slip hazards to protection from oil, fuel or static buildup, women's steel toe cap trainers can save you from more than just crushing damage. Whatever safety rating you need, eBay has all the steel toe cap trainers for women that you could imagine, and for a great price.

What sort of women's steel toe cap trainers are there?

There are all kinds, at all different safety ratings depending on your needs. You don't have to sacrifice looks for safety, either. There are lots of different styles of women's steel toe cap trainers, including some that look like ordinary fashion trainers, hiking boots, slip-on clog style shoes, the list goes on. Just make sure to check the rating you are required to wear at work before you buy. Here are a few of the most common safety ratings available, and the types of hazard they can help protect you from:

  • SB: These are standard steel toe caps, and will protect you from 200 joules.
  • SB-P: As SB, but offer some mid-sole penetration resistance as well.
  • S1: As SB, with anti-static properties and oil and fuel resistant.
  • S1-P: As S1, with some mid-sole penetration resistance.
  • S2: As S1, with a water-resistant upper.
  • S3: As S2, with some mid-sole penetration resistance.
  • S4: As S1, with waterproof upper.
  • S5: As S4, with some mid-sole penetration resistance.
Can you make steel toe trainers more comfortable to wear?

Yes, there are a number of ways that you can maximise your comfort while wearing steel toe cap trainers all day. Make sure that you buy a size that's large enough, and that will accommodate the natural swelling of your feet as the day goes on. If they get wet during the day, make sure they are dried thoroughly before you wear them again - if possible, have a second pair on hand. Inspect them regularly for damage, and replace them if they can no longer offer the level of protection you need. If they have laces, tighten them so that your feet are secure, but not so tightly that they pinch your feet.

Are women's steel toe cap trainers available in lighter weights?

Yes. Many manufacturers do make steel toe cap boots and trainers for women that are more lightweight and easier to wear. They are still able to offer you the same protection as ordinary steel toe cap shoes, as well. Check individual listings, or message the vendor if the listing isn't clear.