5x100 Car and Truck Wheels

If you want to replace the wheels on your car or truck, getting the right size is the first priority. Whether your old rims have been damaged or you just want a new look, the replacements have to fit. If your vehicle needs a 5x100 bolt pattern, this is one of the dimensions you need to match.

What is a 5x100 bolt pattern?

This spec incorporates both the number of lug bolts on your wheel and how large a circle they form. Very small cars can have three, while large trucks may have as many as eight. If your car or truck has five lug bolts on the wheels, this is the “5” in the measurement.

If you draw an imaginary circle through the centers of the lugs on your wheel, the diameter of this circle is the second number of the pattern. This measurement is usually expressed in millimeters, so 5x100 means you have five wheel lugs set in a circle with a diameter of 100 millimeters. You may see this translated into standard measurement as 4.0 inches, which is rounded up from the actual 3.94 inches.

How do you know if you need 5x100 wheels?

The first number is easy to know since the lugs are clearly visible on the wheels, and you just count them. For the second measurement, you need to check the rim size that is on the back of the hub.

The rim of your car or truck wheel has a series of numbers cast or stamped on the back side. This tells you the diameter, the width, and the bolt pattern of that wheel. For example, it might read “14 x 6 x 100.” This means the wheel has a 14-inch diameter, is 6 inches wide, and has a 100-mm lug spread.

What cars and trucks have 5x100 wheels?

There are far too many vehicles that use this pattern to list them here. Some of the makes that frequently use this size include Volkswagen, Subaru, Toyota, Audi, Chevrolet, and Buick. To be sure that 5x100 rims will fit your car or truck, check the rim or look in your owner’s manual.

What rim styles are available in the 5x100 pattern?

You can find a full range of styles in wheels that have a 5x100 pattern. Factory replacements are available if your wheels have been damaged, or you can choose something more showy. For example, there are black wheels with red stripes or a matte black finish. You might prefer polished chrome with an unusual spoke pattern or an understated matte bronze. Any 5x100 rim that suits your style can add to the appeal of your car or truck.