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Women's Tweed Hats

Tweed is a tough, durable material, which makes it highly suited to outdoor activities and all weather conditions. Women's tweed hats are becoming popular with women everywhere. Tweed is often associated with country living and the aristocracy, but is gaining widespread mainstream appeal.

Tweed hat styles

The breadth of styles of women's tweed hats is astonishing, you are sure to find a hat to suit you with such a range to choose from. Trappers, baseball hats, berets, bucket hats , newsboy hats , Russian ushankas, fedoras and many more. Any number of these styles can be mixed with other tweed fabrics within an outfit, or alternatively, with contrasting fabrics, to create innovative and fresh looks.

Fedoras and trilbies have always been popular and with tweed variants you get a country twist on a sophisticated trend. Bucket hats are often seen on the beach, especially amongst surfer communities. A tweed version may not be waterproof, but will have a quirky edge to it. A tweed flat cap is a classic, blending country chic with an urban style you will find a flat cap to fit your head and look good with any outfit.

A wealth of brands, colours and patterns

Women's tweed hats are made by many fashionable brands, with each brand having their own unique style and design approach to the tweed look.

Along with a plethora of more traditional tweed shades, are a wide range of other colour options. Tweed hats featuring bold and bright colours provide an exciting twist on a traditional theme, whilst elegant combinations of blues, greens and every other hue make for a more subtle tweed flavour.

The patterns to be seen are equally as diverse, including traditional tweed patterns and check patterns of all widths, styles and thread colours. In combination with the various soft linings one can choose from, tweed hats, which look great, both inside and out, can be worn in comfort.

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