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Women's Velvet Coats and Jackets

Styles of velvet coats and jackets

Coats and jackets come in all shapes, designs, sizes, colours and prices and those made of velvet are no exception. Wearing a coat or jacket made from velvet adds a sumptuousness and a touch of luxury to your outfit. Whether you're looking for something to finish off an outfit for a special occasion or just want to add a different texture to an everyday look, a women's velvet coat or jacket can be just what you want.Velvet comes in various forms: from plain to patterned, smooth to crushed. This versatility means it is used for everything from formal full-length coats, perfect for that elegant look you want when going to the opera or a dinner dance, to a hippy and Bohemian coat, or a jacket perfect for everyday use. You can find everything from modern designs, retro 1960s and 70s to vintage styles and everything in-between.

A quick history of velvet

Velvet is a soft, luxurious fabric which probably originated in the Far East before reaching Europe, via the Middle East, in the fourteenth century. Until the industrial revolution and the advent of power looms, it was expensive to make and therefore was traditionally worn only by those who could afford it, such as royal families, the nobility and members of the church. Today's modern manufacturing methods and fibres have reduced production costs which means that velvet is now available to all, but it still retains its luxurious aura.


The way that velvet is made means that it can be difficult to clean and garments are mostly dry-clean only, but do check the care label as it can be possible to wash certain modern velvets using mild soap flakes. Remember though, you should never iron velvet as this ruins the nap/pile.

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