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Wood Pellets Cat Litter

Wood pellet cat litter is a non-clumping, environmentally friendly and affordable litter which is suitable for any domestic cat to use. 

What is wood pellet cat litter?

This type of litter features small wood-based pellets, usually pine, which do not clump when moistened. This is a natural, biodegradable material which is safe for cats to use.

Bags of wood pellets are available in a variety of sizes and the litter is generally sold by volume (litres) rather than by weight. 

Benefits of wood pellet cat litter

  • Highly absorbent - This material absorbs large amounts of moisture and so the litter does not need to be changed too often.
  • Masks odours - Unpleasant odours are masked and then replaced by the fresh scent of natural pine. 
  • Safe - The pellets are completely safe for cats to use as they are made from natural materials. If any litter adheres to cats’ paws they may safely lick it off. 
  • Biodegradable - This litter is an environmentally friendly choice as it breaks down naturally. The pellets can be disposed of easily after use either in your bin or on your compost heap.
  • Sustainable - Wood is a renewable resource. Many wood pellet litters such as Bob Martin Wood Based Litter and Pampuss Woodbase Litter are made from recycled materials.
  • Reduces Tracking – Sometimes cats can climb out of their litter trays with pieces of litter stuck to their feet. The litter can then be tracked around your home leaving an unsightly mess. The size and texture of wood pellets means that tracking is less likely to occur.

How to use wood pellet cat litter:

Wood pellet cat litter is simple to use and to dispose of. Simply:

  • Take a clean litter tray and fill it with wood pellet litter to a depth of 1cm – 2cm
  • Position the litter tray in a quiet area and well away from where the cat eats its food
  • When the litter has been soiled, tip the litter into the bin or onto a compost heap
  • Clean and dry the litter tray thoroughly and then refill with pellets

If your cat has been using other types of litter it may be necessary to introduce the wood pellets gradually by mixing them with a familiar litter as some felines dislike change.

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