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WoodWick Candles Tea Lights: Solid Glow and Scent in a Small Package

WoodWick tea light candles help add a warm radiance to any space. They also help fragrance a room and set the overall mood. Find a range of WoodWick candles on eBay.

How do WoodWick Candles tea lights burn?

WoodWick tea light candles burn for up to four hours and emit a scent similar to the larger candles. After the tea lights burn down, there is usually a little wax residue left at the bottom.

Different scent varieties of WoodWick Candles tea lights

WoodWick tea lights come in a scent for everyone's taste. The following are some of them:

  • Apricot Wheat: Smooth wheat and fresh apricot with notes of gardenia, jasmine, sweet honey, creamy vanilla, and lily.
  • Campfire: A popular WoodWick scent, which is warm, with smoky wood and cinnamon.
  • Coffee Haus: Rich, warm coffee with hints of sugar and cream.
  • Eucalyptus Spearmint: A cool, fresh, and clean spa scent that uplifts and invigorates your senses.
  • Fresh Cut Grass: This summer and spring scent has a fresh green smell.

The few other varieties worth a mention are herb garden, hot cocoa and mallows, lavender lemon, mulled cider, pumpkin peppercorn, snow day, tobacco and honey, and wild mountain honey. If you’re not sure about the scent type, try a handful of them in sample sizes before you buy a larger one that you fancy the most.

Why choose WoodWick Candles tea lights for your home?

WoodWick tea lights smell nice, are small, light, and made from natural ingredients. Burning scents that appeal to you will enhance the atmosphere of your space. You can use multiple WoodWick tea lights in your room for a pleasant aroma.

Tips to ensure WoodWick Candles tea lights burn safely and effectively

Unlike other candles, WoodWick candles display unique burning characteristics. It’s therefore important to follow a few basic steps to ensure ideal burning performance:

  • WoodWick’s tea lights perform the best when they stay lit for three to four hours.
  • Ensure the wax liquefies to the candle’s edge prior to extinguishing. Letting the wax puddle ensures that the candle doesn’t leave wax or “tunnel” on the vessel’s sides.
  • Always place the tea light candle on a heat-resistant, flat surface. Do not allow kids, pets, or materials in its vicinity.
  • Don’t move the candle when it’s still hot or burning since this could result in the wick extinguishing or drowning in the wax, affecting the candle’s future burn quality.
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