World War II Militaria (1939-1945)

Militaria World War II Collectables

From uniforms and field gear to documents and photographs, learn more about the war with Militaria World War II collectables.

Reproduction collectables are easier to come by and more affordable, but if youre a serious collector and are after authenticity and a true piece of history, search for original pieces.


Envision the tragic war through the eyes of the soldiers with World War II uniforms. It may be possible to buy a uniform as a set but generally, it is more common to find pieces separately to team together yourself.

Youll find uniforms in many styles and from a range of different countries, including jackets, shirts and trousers as well as helmets and other details.


A reminder of the bravery and sacrifices made by soldiers during World War II, medals are ideal for displaying and can be stored away in cases and frames. There are so many different types of medal, from the level of achievement to the shape to the design and country of origin.

Field Gear

If youre interested in the technical side of WWII history, check out field gear from binoculars to weapon accessories. From holsters and straps to ammunition magazines and bulletproof shields, it is fascinating how much you can learn from these accessories.

If youre interested in the weapons side of things, you may also find replicas of guns from the war, whether youre looking for full-size versions or scaled down miniatures.

Documents and Photographs

A true insight for history buffs and those who want to learn more about WWII, browse documents and photographs from the war to see an insight into these primary sources. From personal letters written home by soldiers to war orders and military reports, there is such a broad range of documentation that can help historians learn more about this tragic time.

Original photographs and documents show an insight into life in the battlefields.