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Wristband Sterling Silver Bracelets for Men

Wristband sterling silver bracelets come in a variety of styles. A wristband tends to offer a more casual look than a fine jewellery bracelet, which are more suited to men. They may be made from silver, but they're more commonly made from leather, rubber or cord. These bracelets can feature silver decorations or a silver fastening.

What is sterling silver?

Sterling silver is not pure silver as the metal would be too soft for practical use. Instead it is a mix of silver and copper. To be classed as sterling, it must contain 92.5 per cent silver when measured by weight. This is why sterling silver is often called 925.

Some wristband bracelets feature parts made from silver plated metal or other metals with a silver-like appearance, such as stainless steel.

Caring for your wristband

When exposed to the air silver can develop a dark patina. This is a result of the metal reacting to elements in the environment. A gentle polish with a soft cloth will usually remove any tarnish and make the silver shiny again.

Specialist jewellery cleaning products are available, but may not be suitable for using with other materials in the bracelet. It is important to check carefully before using them.

Choosing a size and fastening

It is a good idea to measure the wrist before choosing a bracelet. Consider whether the wristband needs to be loose or fit closely. The looser the band, the more it will move about on the arm.

A wristband may stretch or be large enough to slip over the hand or it could have a fastening. There are various types of fastening, including hook, twist and magnetic clasps.

Some fastenings are easier to open and close than others. This makes them convenient for a wristband that it is frequently removed. However, certain types of clasp are less secure and so may not be suitable for a more active lifestyle.

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