Common Questions About XP Deus

XPs Deus is an innovative metal detector that uses headphones, a coil, and a remote control that communicate with each other through a radio link. The first wireless metal detector with a fully telescopic S-shaped stem, the Deus offers power, precision and speed in a feature-rich compact tool.

How does the XP Deus metal detector work?

Three elements of the XP Deus: a coil, headphones and a remote control, communicate amongst themselves by means of a digital radio link. The vital elements for processing the radio signals are held in the search coil. The signals dont require a wire link with the XP Deus but are digitally converted and analysed at the source by a minuscule digital circuit which enhances and improves the signal quality. Integrated into the detection head, the circuit processes the data and sends it to the headphones and remote control in real-time through the radio link for speed and precision.

Whats the advantage of a wireless detector in XPs Deus?

Without the traditional cable linking the coil to the control box along with the lack of said control box, Deus has several advantages. With less weight and bulk to the unit, its easier to carry and store. The telescopic stem also helps storage and reduces the likelihood of damage to the unit. The lack of cables reduce the chances of breaking or snagging cables in the woods or when using in rough terrain.

Can Deus be used without the remote control or headphones?

Yes. The remote control is fitted with a loudspeaker along with a 3.5mm audio headphone jack output. The headphones come with a keypad and screen on them. The information is more detailed and easier to read on the remote controls graphics screen and the sounds easier to interpret using headphones. Deus is designed to give more functionality while being smaller and easier to handle. The loudspeakers quality is good, and the key features of the unit can be adjusted from the headphones including:

  • Choice of coils, detection program, frequencies of 4, 8, 12, or 18 kHz, and tones
  • Discrimination level
  • Ground effects correction
  • Sensitivity level
  • Volume control
What does Deus offer in terms of metal detection?

The Deus compact size makes it easier to carry and handle for long distances. Deus also includes many long-requested features like combining many needed metal detection features into one device. With a great deal of Deus being digital, the user can fully adjust the unit to his or her own detecting habits, sites, style, and terrains. Deus is easy to upgrade, and future software versions will be available for easy implementation.

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