Brighten your Smile with YongNuo Flashes and Photographic Accessories

Entering the Chinese market in December 2007, YongNuo is a Hong Kong-based manufacturer of photographic equipment, including flashes, LED lighting, battery packs, flash triggers, camera lenses, and more. Whether you want to brighten your image or light up the entire room, eBay can supply you with YongNuo photographic equipment at prices that can make you smile. 

Are YongNuo flashes, equipment, and accessories compatible with other cameras? 

Yes. YongNuo equipment is designed to be compatible with various cameras. Certain camera brands may have brand-specific mounts and fittings, and YongNuo has produced photographic equipment and accessories specifically designed to be compatible with various brand-name mounts. It is recommended, however, that you check the manufacturer’s specifications to ensure that your product is compatible. 

Can external YongNuo LED lights be used outdoors? 

Yes, YongNuo has created battery packs to complement their LED external lighting and provide an alternative to a constant power supply. These battery packs have a general run-time of 120 minutes; however, this figure may vary depending on the specific usage of YongNuo LED lights. The LED light settings can be altered to provide different shades, which will increase or decrease battery life. Furthermore, external LED lights can be mounted on a standard mount or held by hand. This permits portability and convenience when travelling from a studio or inside location to an outside setting. Battery packs and AC adapters are both available for external LED lights. It is recommended that you check the accompanying equipment to ensure that YongNuo external lights will be appropriate for your intended use. 

What advantages and additional features does YongNuo photographic equipment offer? 

YongNuo photographic equipment provides you with an affordable alternative to expensive brand-specific products. The photographic equipment and accessories also offer the following features:  

  • Lenses are designed to operate in a variety of conditions, so you only require a single lens for multiple situations.
  • Software updates may be released for existing products, which is downloaded via a computer. These updates seek to ensure the correct functionality of all equipment, old or new.
  • YongNuo produces an array of products, which are designed to suit the requirements of individuals. If a particular product does not suit your requirements, there's likely to be an alternative product that does.

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