Stay Connected with a Yaesu FT 817

Manufactured by the Vertex Standard Corporation, the Yaesu FT-817 is one of the smallest amateur radio transceivers on the market. With an internal battery pack and on-board keyer, this radio model has an all-band capability that makes it well suited for portable use. Find a range of Yaesu FT-817 listings at affordable prices on eBay.

What are the differences between the FT-817 and the FT-817(N)D?

Although the basic features and main circuit board configurations remain the same, the upgraded FT-817(N)D has an additional 60 metres of band coverage and changes to the RT stage, as well as improvements to the battery pack and charger. Released in 2004, the FT-817(N)D also has more lighting options to further aid end-user efficiency.

What accessories are available with this model?

As well as a branded carrying case and shoulder strap, the Yaesu Ft-817 has a number of add-ons and replacement items to increase functionality:

  • Antenna: YHA-63 flex whip for 50/144/430 MHz, or the ATAS 25 portable, manually-tuned antenna.
  • Batteries: NC-72B battery pack charger, FNB 72 and 85 internal NiCd/NiMH 9.8V battery packs, and the FBA-28 battery case.
  • Mics: Either the DTMF mic or the MH-31A8J hand mic.
  • Cable: E-DC-6.
  • Stability: TCXO stability unit.
What antenna tuners are suitable for use with the Yaesu FT-817?

If you need to replace a damaged antenna or want to upgrade your existing setup, the following are compatible with Yaesu transceivers:

  • LDG Z817 automatic antenna tuner: Battery operated, this tuner offers 1.8 to 54 MHz coverage.
  • Elecraft T1 miniature automatic antenna tuner: Sized specifically for QRP rigs, this also comes with the option of a 'smart' remote control adapter.
  • Emtech ZM-2: A small, lightweight, manual Z-match tuner for balanced and unbalanced feedlines.
What does QRP mean?

This refers to reduced power transmitting while maximising effective range. For AM, CW, FM, and data modes, transmitter output should be 5W or less, with a maximum of 10W PEP. It is possible to operate at as little as 100mW, which is referred to as QRPp. The low level of output is by design, as it is thought to help reduce interference on the bands.

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